Sarah bwI created Utter Design about 8 years ago because of my love for design and my desire to help people. I grew up in Orange County and ever since I was little I have been into drawing, painting, ceramics, you name it. When I went off to college is where I discovered design and have been doing it ever since I graduated in 2003. I started in the art department with a pharmaceutical company then moved onto Gold Coast which prints labels for all types of industries. At Gold Coast I was exposed to all different types of businesses and was able to do both design and printing. Learning how the printing process works has really helped me in my design because I’m able to create what I know will print well while still making something that stands out and looks great.

Recently I’ve been working a lot in the wine industry, designing high-end wine labels. From working for a printing company I got to do a little bit in every type of business, from food and beverage, to cosmetics, automotive, wine and spirits, and many more.

I come from a family of artists, my dad being a photographer, my mother and grandfather a painter, and even my little daughter has showed signs of being a little Picasso. I’m a mother, wife and love all things art. I look forward to working with you!